WATCH Russia’s active duty pilots fly over Syria in V-Day parade in stunning GoPro FOOTAGE

9 May, 2020 23:44

Not to be outdone by their peers back at home, the Russian military pilots keeping the jihadists in check in Syria have pulled off their own Victory Day parade – and there’s this amazing footage to prove it.

The aircraft, which took off from Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in western Syria, included Su-24 bombers and Su-34 jet fighters, as well as the ‘flying radar’ A-50, military transport planes and helicopters.

Also on Russia’s mightiest military aircraft buzz over Moscow to mark 75th anniversary of Nazi defeat (PHOTO, VIDEO)

One Su-24 had a GoPro camera strapped onto its side, which filmed breathtaking views as the jets shot up above the clouds and then flew over the Syrian coast.

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Russia has been actively using the base since 2015 when it stepped in to help Damascus fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other jihadist groups. The combat aircraft regularly carry out bombing raids in support of the anti-terrrorist operations by the Syrian troops and surveillance missions from Khmeimim.

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